The Lawton Cemetery in Robertville, South Carolina

A friend of mine in New York has relatives buried in Lawton Cemetery. She heard about a meeting that was planned at the Robertville Community Center on February 10. She asked if I would go.

I did. Perhaps you can imagine that I was the only white person there, because Lawton Cemetery is a historically black cemetery on old plantation lands.

It seems that the cemetery property has new owners. Indeed, one of the owners had commented on a blog post from years ago. They have purchased the land as part of a hunting tract.

A little internet research shows where the property is. I circled the cemetery in red on this screenshot.

This next shot shows the cemetery can be seen from the satellite. It’s the area of lesser vegetation in the center of the screenshot.

The folks had the meting because they are aware that the cemetery needs better upkeep. They are making plans to meet on a regular basis to clean and landscape the cemetery.

In the meantime, I’m still maintaining a blog site I started in 2013 about this cemetery. I collect death certificates from scrolling through the records on, and then I post them to the website.

Take a look Here. It’s a labor of love.

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