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Your Mother Doesn’t Work Here

January 29, 2019

I work in an office of women. Sometimes we don’t clean up after ourselves very well, just like at home.

At the end of the day, I’m usually the last one out. I do a walk thru to confirm that no bogeymen are hiding in the building.

Sometimes people leave the light on in the kitchen. Sometimes they leave dishes and/or silverware in the sink. Lots of times I wash them and put them in the dish drainer to dry.

Recently, the company that I work for fired the cleaning company. In their place, the company hired current employees to come in and clean. So if you finished your day job, you could come on the weekend and make extra money.

This made me consider how slack we could be when an unknown entity was cleaning the office. Now that I know that my work partner AlabamaKate is doing the cleaning, I’m trying to be a tidier person. It seems rude to leave things untidy since I know Kate is our cleaning lady.

Not everyone is showing the same awareness.

In the interest of promoting my agenda, I put a sign up in the kitchen.

Your Mother? She doesn’t work here.