The Crazy Cat Lady Tote Bag: Part 2

I’ve been working on making tote bags made from empty pet food bags. The bag can only be made out of a plastic weave called Duraweave, and not the ordinary paper or plastic bags.

Purina Friskies is the food I prefer to buy. I have bought 9Lives, but the bag is some sort of plastic-lined paper and isn’t suitable for stitching. Plus I bought some upper end cat food on the 75% off rack at Petsmart, like 6 bags of various quality food, and now the little beggars won’t eat the 9Lives.

I have the bags listed in my Etsy shop which is named Catcatcher Corner. One woman sent me a message back in September to ask if the bags had an inside pocket for a cell phone or a set of keys. They do not. I plan for every inch to be used in the construction and there are no leftovers. I finally found a bag large enough at 22 pounds.

There was only enough leftover fabric to make one pocket. It was a bit of a hassle with the pocket construction and getting it all centered just so.

Keep in mind that I usually do not accept homework assignments from online strangers, but this was a challenge.

This is the same basic design as all the others with 20″ long straps.

You can see the pocket peeking out in the photo above. In the photo below, you see the pocket has been stitched into the upper hem, all sturdy-like.

The pocket is about 9″ wide and 4.5″ high, so yes, it is big enough for a cell phone or a set of keys, but I’m not comfortable with keeping those items in a tote bag. Just a personal preference, seeing as how I like to keep those things in pants or jacket pockets. A woman traveling alone needs to travel smart, and that means keeping resources close at hand.

I like the size and design of this one, though, and might just start making shorter bags, but that would leave fabric waste, and I’m not feeling that.

Design challenge accepted and conquered. I haven’t heard back from the original person inquiring about the pocket, which is not strange in this world of online bartering and demand. I suppose if you don’t ask, you won’t know, even though I make no mention of a pocket in the detail section of the bag construction.

And like always, your Etsy purchase helps feed this Lowcountry feral colony.

Just not with 9Lives. The cats have spoken.

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