Super Blood Wolf Moon, 2019

It is hard for me to get excited enough to get out of bed to photograph something. Last night, however, I was awake anyway and looking online at other people’s photos of the lunar event.

I had already looked at the full moon during early dark, and the moon hung full and white in the eastern sky like a celestial grape. I was pretty sure I would not go back outside when the moon turned red in the freezing dark. I wasn’t sure when the redness would happen because it appeared that the lunar eclipse would happen over the course of hours.

At midnight I was still awake scrolling through Facebook when I saw another local person posting “BLOOD MOON”. Good grief. I might as well get up and walk outside.

There was no moon at all where I thought it would be hanging in the southern sky. This was strange. There were no clouds. I could see the stars. I leaned backwards a bit, literally pointing my chin in the cold night air, and what I saw made me exhale with delight.

There she was! A red dot just through the trees.

I have a digital camera somewhere that I used during my early blogging days. Tonight I used the iPhone, like always.

I’m pleased with my excursion out into the yard at 12:15am on MLK Day. If I were a primitive person, I might think this lunar event is a sign from the gods. Perhaps it is only a sign that I need to engage with the outside world more.

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