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A Dying Cause: Part 3

January 3, 2019

A new cat arrived at The Swamped! Plantation and Cat Catching Service Station.

I had arrived home in the early evening in that gray time-warped period known as the week between Christmas and New Year. What day is today? Is it okay to continue to eat pie all day long? Why are there no clean clothes?

I pulled right in the driveway, as always, and cats stirred and rose from their repose. Butter was in The Treehouse, Pop-Up was strolling in from the woods, and Georgia was probably asleep on my bed. Other cats stretched and made their way to the food stations in the dusk, waiting for a treat, when I saw a cat that I thought was Sue. Right there she was, not 5 feet from the car. But she was not Sue.

She was a classic tabby and white. Classic tabby is really a thing. Here are some images from Wikipedia…





This cat by my driveway was a classic example. The sides have more of a bullseye pattern.

She jumped up into the Treehouse to the food bowl.

She, or perhaps he, was cautious around me but not feral.

I set the trap, after making sure that everyone else had eaten and was full. She/he went right into the trap.

The following day, Sugar transported the cat to the shelter for further transport to the spay/neuter clinic.

She tested positive for feline HIV, and was humanely euthanized while anesthetized.

There’s another cat lurking about. I see him at night by the log near the Treehouse.

A cat trapper’s goal is to trap, neuter, return. Where are these cats coming from?