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The WWII Ration Card

December 24, 2018

One of the BEST things about writing a blog is the readers.

Strangely, some of my readers are people that I knew from over 40 years ago. I mean, once I left after college, I rarely went back home to see my parents. I was married, and things were complicated.

The magical internet changed all that. Well, not the complicated part, but it definitely changed the ease of communication across the miles. Like this week, I heard from a DNA match in Dorset, England!

But Dorset has nothing to do with kids from high school.

Like Reader Janice…

She found a mother lode of applications for World War II ration cards. And in that lode, she found my parents.

There’s no date on the card, but we know that they were married in June of 1942, and their first child was born in July of 1943. So we can guess that our time range is 6/1942 to 7/1943.


The house at 306 Hill Street still stands, just a couple of houses away from Janice’s house where she lived when I knew her back in the day. And remember Miss Willie? She also lived on Hill Street. Is that how Mom and Dad met Miss Willie and her husband? Because they rented a house from them? Always more questions. And don’t forget reader Walter who now lives across the street.

Thanks, Janice!