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An Anniversary and a Meltdown

October 21, 2018

Today would have been my 40th wedding anniversary. I am so happy to not be married to that devil. Someday I might write about him. It won’t be good so maybe I won’t.

This morning I saw a FB post on an animal rescue site in Tennessee. Something was off. It was a political meme that had been shared by a member of the group. There were 4 figures on the meme: (A) Freddy Kruger, (B) Michael Myers, (C) Jason, and (D) Hillary Clinton, and the caption read “who has killed the most?” The person that posted it wrote “D” and LOL.

I was pretty horrified that someone put this blatant political post regarding who they thought had killed the most, and put it on an animal rescue and education page, and they thought they were being clever and funny in a Halloween theme. Y’all probably have a pretty good idea that I have liberal leanings, and I’m going to be tolerant but I’m not going to suffer any fools.

The first commenter said, “I agree… Lol.”

Y’all, they are laughing about death on an animal rescue site. Animal rescuers see death every day. You don’t even have to be a rescuer to see it. I saw – *two* – dead female deer lying on the side of the road Friday morning, and I cried out loud. It’s everywhere.

The next commenter asked why political posts were being placed on the page. Then I jumped into the mix.

I said that I was leaving the group. I won’t tolerate hate speech. I won’t make any more donations. I don’t have much, but I have donated when I could. But I’m done.

The group has about 6K members. One of those members decided to tell me to suck it up. She said that I shouldn’t punish the animals because of one person’s political views.

By that time I had already left the group so I couldn’t comment without rejoining. So I sent her a message.

I went back to the FB page to screenshot it, and the post was gone. Poof. Like magic, it disappeared.

I’m sorry that people think it is okay for me to hand over money even if I don’t agree with their views because the ANIMALS. Insert handwringing. Y’all have no idea how many issues I have and how many things I do without.

I went to Sugar’s to meet up for lunch, and I told him what happened and he told me what he would have done. I seriously don’t care what he would have done or said and I didn’t need it mansplained to me. I wasn’t asking for advice. I was just telling a story, like I tell my little stories right here on the blog.

We went to the Mexican restaurant that I love and he doesn’t, and when the food came I was checking something on my phone, and he told me to eat my food. I lost it in front of God and everybody and said in a very loud voice “stop telling me what to think and what to do”. I could eat very little after that because in a perfect world I’m supposed to be having an anniversary celebration, not suffering fools.

I had wanted to go to a presentation in another county by their Historical Society, but Sugar was afraid there would be people there who had been unfriendly to us before, and he couldn’t go because he was busy being a neurotic recluse. Things are complicated.

Today will soon be over and maybe I can stop being outraged.

Maybe not.

DNA Updated

October 21, 2018 had an update recently regarding DNA finding regarding ethnicity.

This doesn’t mean that my DNA changed. DNA doesn’t change. It means that there is a bigger pool of participants so the geographic regions of ethnicity are refined.

For instance, in the past my African DNA was assigned to Sub-Saharan hunter-gatherers.

That generalization has changed to a more specific Cameroon, Congo, and Southern Bantu peoples.

The British Isles and northwest Europe section is greatly increased to 98%.

So what are your reasons for not taking a DNA test?