Without A Breeze

Two years ago, Hurricane Matthew came to call. He caused one of my large pines to fracture near the base from wind stress.

Last year, during Hurricane Irma, the winds caused the pine to tip over until it was cradled by a water oak. The pine hovered there at a 45 degree angle, suspended over my chain link fence.

On the early morning of August 24, 2018, the ground shook at 4:15 when the pine toppled over. This detail will become more relevant in a future post about the reason I was awake to know the time.

Black cat provides local color

But for now, my poor sad pine fell over when the last wisp of the water oak branch gave way. Do you know about water oaks? They are known for having hollow cavities in the trunk, and branches that are easily broken.

There was no breath of air that caused the enormous water oak branch to break away. It was simply the time for one thing to tumble away, causing another thing to tumble.

So let’s take care of each other, shall we, until it’s our time to let go.

2 Responses to “Without A Breeze”

  1. Anne Starr Hughes Says:

    I can only wonder if most water oaks are female.

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