A Sugar-y Birthday

A few weeks ago, Sugar and I were out and about in Beaufort, looking for lunch. We stopped in to check the menu at The Hearth, a restaurant with a wood-fired pizza oven. The folks we were with didn’t want to eat pizza, and we ambled on.

Sugar had a birthday coming up, and he agreed that we should go back to The Hearth, but this time to stay and lunch.

Spoiler alert. The Hearth is in Agnes and Daniel Mann’s house, more historically known as the Saltus-Habersham house.

We sat in view of the pizza oven, which was centrally located.

Behind the oven is an amazing wall.

Enormously large windows let in the light.

The Belk chain added an extension to the original Mann house, back in the day when it was a department store.

Lunch for Sugar was an eggplant Parmesan sandwich with a side salad of arugula, and for me, a chicken Parmesan with a side of pesto pasta.

Yes, that is a beer and a glass of wine.

The food was good, and the restaurant was creative.

The tables were made of reclaimed wood from Hurricane Matthew.

The walls were also faced with reclaimed wood.

The bar was reclaimed, and the foot rails were former railroad tracks.

Our friendly bartender said that his mother worked in this very spot when it was the Belk store.

You can see the original brick and stucco in the above photo.

The exterior looks much the same when it was an art gallery, except they have a water bowl outside for dog tourists.

Did you remember that Agnes and Daniel Mann’s daughter married Thomas Bateson in Savannah? She lived with her family in this house until the federal forces occupied Beaufort, and they refugeed to Savannah.

From across the street, you can see that I scored a parking place right in front.

The restaurant occupies the left side of the first floor. A shop occupies the right side. We went in there, too, but not to shop, only to wander and take photos and touch old bricks. The clerk never noticed we were there; she was too interested in looking at her phone.

A lovely day. Thanks, friends, for sharing it with us.

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  1. Aud Says:

    Sounds like you had an interesting outing & lunch!  We have been


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