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The Boxer: Final Chapter

August 14, 2018

After a few days at the shelter, Mr. Boxer was adopted!

He has dog friends, and human friends, as his companions.

His name is now Kane. Will we ever know what his previous name was? I know that it doesn’t matter, not really, but I’m always curious to know what makes a person give a name to a dog and then proceed to neglect said dog? What kinds of things are going on in their lives that makes this happen?

Kane has made a trip to the veterinarian, because the aircraft wire that he was tied out with had become tangled and wrapped around his throat, and had worn an abrasion that was hidden by his collar. The abrasion will heal, but will leave a scar. You might not want to look at the next photo provided by his new mom.

I am so grateful to her, and all the people in the chain of events that made his life one of hope, not hell.