3/12/1893: Floyd Nichols Loses Two Fingers in Sawmill Accident

From GenealogyBank: 3/12/1893, Daily Journal and Journal and Tribune, Knoxville, Tennessee, Volume IV, Issue 15, Page 10.



Bright Prospects For the Summer’s Business.

LENOIR CITY, Tenn., March 11. — Floyd Nichols, an employee of the Crosby Lumber company, met with a serious accident on Monday last. He works in the shingle department and while thus employed had two fingers sawed off.

Prospects are quite bright for a busy summer for our little city. Every house is filled and still the demand comes for more. The Crosby Lumber company are working nearly one hundred men. The Car Wheel works and Car shops will break ground at an early date and they from the start, will necessarily employ a large force of men. Our greatest need is dwelling houses–already the city company have sold several pieces of fine property, which will be improved. Lenoir has attractions not only in a business point of view, but as a pleasant, healthy place to live. There has not been a death within the city limits within one year and three months. Several of the old inhabitants, who left two years ago, have returned to again take up their dwelling in our midst, claiming they saw no place as beautiful, healthful or as prosperous as Lenoir.

A number of Knoxville business men were here this week, mostly lumber men. This is fast becoming the lumber market for this section of East Tennessee. The Cosby Lumber company alone ships from five to ten cars of lumber daily. Their mill saws from forty to fifty thousand feet daily  and will double that capacity when the band mill starts.

Aspirants for office under the new administration are numerous, but all laying low and saying nothing. Jim Boggs is suppose to have the inside track on post office, and Henry Lenoir has a fine show for revenue collector for this district.

This county being strongly republican, and this district giving a republican victory last fall for the first time in its history, may be a point or two against office seekers under the new regime. To the victors belong the spoils.

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