6/13/1891: the Lenoir City Lumber Company’s Mammoth Works

From GenealogyBank:. Daily Journal and Journal and Tribune, June 13, 1891.



The Lenoir City Lumber Company’s Mammoth Works.


Notes From Other Correspondents–A Man Painfully Hurt at Johnson City.

Mossy Creek News.


LENOIR CITY, TENN.,  June 11.–Messrs. Young, Hefflefinger, Avery and Edmondson, stockholders and officers of the Lenoir City Lumber company, are in the city, locating their plant, and starting workmen in the construction. The plant covers ten acres and will take one and a half million brick to complete it. They expect to have their saw mill in operation in about four weeks.

Contractor Abrams will turn the keys of the homestead inn, over to the owners next Monday. He is to be complimented for his promptness in completing his contract. Several experienced hotel men all expected this week to look over the house. With the scenery, climate, river facilities, pure spring water, which makes our little city so attractive, this hotel will become a summer resort. With four trains daily each way, Knoxville and Chattanooga people can bring their families here to enjoy the beauties of nature and rest from the cares of city life.

President Sanford spent two days this week in our city. Lookout for another big deal. He is just back from New York City, where he has been in conference with his co-laborer for Lenoir City. It is strongly hinted upon the outside that an immense woolen mill will be located here. The Lenoir City company are quietly backing up every assertion they have made, “no mushroom growth,” no lot sale then retire from the field and leave the purchasers to hold the bag. No, they are locating industries here that are solid, that stand upon their own feet, that choose this point for the advantages it possesses. There is no need of an auction sale of lots, they are selling fast enough. “Get the factories, employment for people, the lots will sell, houses and stores will be built.”

There is a great deal of regard for the future being considered in the construction and location of buildings in our new city. In the first place the streets are of a nice width and houses are being placed in uniform upon them. Certain portions of the town site are reserved for factory purposes, thus keeping that apart from the business and residence portion. Other portions beautifully located too, has been plotted into residence lots to be sod cheap to the laborer and mechanic. All can become citizens and householders here. With the agricultural advantages we hold living is cheap. With the climate, water, perfect drainage, to live here is to enjoy health, and with the large manufacturing interests springing up on all sides, why won’t it be the place to enjoy wealth.

I’ve found so many new articles about Lenoir City that it has become impossible to get them all arranged in chronological order. I tried, honestly I did, but other things have popped up. I have some good cat stories, knitting projects, and fun workplace drama to weave in and around. How do people actually have writer’s block? I suspect that it happens when they stick to one subject at hand. I ping around among several topics like a pinball machine. I could write all day and not get finished. Sadly, that is not an option.

Here’s a taste of work drama. We are continuing to lose valuable personnel all across the board, from us lowly admins all the way up to doctors. My work companion was a hardworking woman who has moved to Wisconsin because her husband has taken a job with the railroad. Human Resources hired a woman older than I am whose previous work experience was in a spa. I don’t know what she did there, but she has a lovely telephone voice. She had 4 days of training with the admin that moved, then 4 days of boot camp with me last week. It is an entirely unfair situation for everyone involved. I have no clue why a replacement wasn’t hired sooner because the previous admin gave a month’s notice. Are there no applicants? The situation is further complicated because the admin who pulled all the insurance authorizations and made the appointment confirmation calls while working remotely from Texas, had a baby and is taking time off. Because *baby*. The server has been non-functional at random times, and ours is an internet based business with all our programs and file sharing done online. No server, no access. I started last week off just fine and calm, and by the end of the week, another employee suggested that she throw something at me and tell me to chill. I find myself chanting, “there’s just one of me, there’s just one of me”. My lunch break is 10 minutes in the break room, pushing a pound of food into my face, and trying to have a private moment to call Sugar, who gets lonely and blue without a little midday chat. I like my job, really I do, but I have realized that it will be months before the new person will be up-to-speed, and I am disheartened at how this chains me to my desk. She’s going to work out just fine, really she is, but I have to go in early to make sure she gets signed in on the computer, and I stay later than she because my schedule ends after hers, and there are still heaps of things to do. Tomorrow the doctor is out for the day for some personal leave, and the new person asked if she could come in late, skip lunch, and leave early since the doctor wasn’t going to be there. Ummmm, no, that’s not how the schedule works. Why would you even think that? The office is still open.

Y’all, life is hard sometimes. I know, I know. I’m preaching to the converted.

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