Wilkins from Wake

I found this 40-page document that I’ve had for almost 20 years. Doug Marion sent this to me so long ago that I had lost his address. Using the magic of the internet, I found him. He has since emailed me quite a few Wilkins photos that he got from the grandson of a Wilkins. And because I have connected with 2 DNA Wilkins matches, we have shared the photos.

Which leads me to the Wilkins From Wake County. This document was written by Barbara Elaine Clark. It is an unpublished manuscript, and is not to be reproduced without permission. So how am I going to find this unknown person? Yup, the internet. I contacted a 1st cousin that I haven’t seen in 40ish years who lives in the same town as Ms. Clark. Said cousin asked around and came up with a contact person, a name, and a phone number. Ms. Clark is still living and says that I can share. I suppose she might be surprised that someone is interested in a paper she wrote in 1986.

If you are a Wilkins researcher, here are some clues. Read and share!


Wilkins of Wake0001Wilkins of Wake0002Wilkins of Wake0003Wilkins of Wake0004Wilkins of Wake0005Wilkins of Wake0006Wilkins of Wake0007Wilkins of Wake0008Wilkins of Wake0009Wilkins of Wake0010Wilkins of Wake0011Wilkins of Wake0012Wilkins of Wake0013Wilkins of Wake0014Wilkins of Wake0015Wilkins of Wake0016Wilkins of Wake0017Wilkins of Wake0018Wilkins of Wake0019Wilkins of Wake0020Wilkins of Wake0021Wilkins of Wake0022Wilkins of Wake0023Wilkins of Wake0024Wilkins of Wake0025Wilkins of Wake0026Wilkins of Wake0027Wilkins of Wake0028Wilkins of Wake0029Wilkins of Wake0030Wilkins of Wake0031Wilkins of Wake0032Wilkins of Wake0033Wilkins of Wake0034Wilkins of Wake0035Wilkins of Wake0036.jpgWilkins of Wake0037.jpgWilkins of Wake0038.jpgWilkins of Wake0039.jpgWilkins of Wake0040.jpg


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