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Snow 2018, Lowcountry Style

February 13, 2018

I forgot to write about the snow. Probably it was more like I was huddled in my blanket fort singing the blues.

After all, my Ole Yeller had just been smashed exactly one week before the predicted ice and snow. And after one day back at work on January 2, I was in no mood to drive on ice and snow covered roads in a brand new car that I had owned for less than 3 days.

I stayed home. I could hear the sleet outside until about 10:30AM, just like it was predicted, and then the sleet turned to fluffy flakes that piled up about 5ish inches.

The next day I refused to go out, even though I had planned to ride in with a friend. The friend wasn’t able to go to work after all because some of the bridges were closed, and in an area where approximately 50% of the county is water, that’s a sign to stay home.

Late morning I walked out to the main road.

The cats were stationed ’round about the property on snow patrol.

Sugar had the most excellent idea of getting a bale of hay days before the predicted bad weather in order to refill the cats’ sleeping quarters.

Later that day, I got a message from work asking if I would be able to work the following day. I realize that businesses need to make plans, but I didn’t plan on leaving unless the temps got as high as predicted and melted the yuk away. I didn’t need to miss any more work than necessary, because somebody has got to bring the Friskies home.

By midday on the 3rd day, it was safe to go out.

And that was the winter of 2018.