A Sixty-Year-Old Secret: the Mystery Deepens

Two Friday evenings ago, I was poking around in the online newspapers. Doesn’t everyone spend their Friday evenings doing research?

I discovered that my in-laws actually married 3 years later than they said they did, and that they had both had previous marriages. Mr. X had a mystery biological father. My FIL brought up Mr. X as his own.

I brought the other family members up-to-date. They didn’t know this story at all.

What was my FIL doing in Warwick, RI? How did he meet this girl? A little more picking around on ancestry.com shows that he and his family had moved to RI by 1956.

Apparently they were back in Springfield by 1958.

More poking around, this time by my SIL, found a photo of the 1st wife on FB that was posted by her niece. It appears that she didn’t remarry and kept using her married name. I contacted the niece. Things got interesting.

Joan had a child 3 months before she married the young man that became my FIL. If the child were his, wouldn’t he have married the mother before the child was born? That child was brought up by Joan’s mother. Joan had 2 more children and gave them up for adoption. Joan had a twin sister Joyce who also had a baby that she gave up for adoption. That baby? Was the woman that I contacted on FB. No one knew who their fathers were.

This looks like a case for DNA testing…

2 Responses to “A Sixty-Year-Old Secret: the Mystery Deepens”

  1. Luanne @ TFK Says:

    This is where they roll in their graves and rue the day you entered the family hahaha! Good work, Ruth!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ruth Rawls Says:

      My FIL told me, after Mr. X left and I exposed his trail of deception, that Mr. X was “building a house of cards, and it would not stand.” I am constantly reminded of that saying at each new discovery. I just didn’t expect it to be applied to my in-laws.


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