Lenoir City High School Commencement Program, 1938

Have you heard?

The entire Southeast is preparing for a hurricane.

Hurricane Irma is bearing down on us, only a few short weeks since Hurricane Harvey hit Houston.

We’ve done this before, most recently last year with Hurricane Matthew. I rode that one out.

This year I had planned a trip away for several nights. I never worry about the place if I step away. Sugar is not far from here, and he tends to the cats and such for me. This year is going to be different. I’m not just packing for travel, I’m packing with the possibility of being gone for an unknown period of time. I have feeders and waterers and bedding set up in the shed for the cats. They have perches and cubbies and lofts to claim.

One of the hurricane preparedness sites says to scan your important documents and email them to yourself. I have been taking that a step further since I started blogging in 2009. Lots of my important documents are saved to the blog, to ancestry.com, and to social media.

And yet, here I sit at 4:02AM, scanning more little bits of history. Like this:

Mom’s high school commencement program.




So I wonder if Mom would be pleased or worried that I was sitting up in the wee hours, while posting to the blog instead of packing and scurrying about?

Just thinking of you, Mom. Either way, just thinking of you.

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