Treehouse Update

Yeah. They refuse to use. 

I’ve never met a cat, much less two, that refused to jump up to a shelf to get canned food…

These girls are a challenge. 



2 Responses to “Treehouse Update”

  1. Linda Snow Davis Says:

    Hello Ruth.

    I came across your blog a long time ago and I do not remember if I ever contacted you or if so, don’t remember if you replied. Anyway, I happened onto it tonight. So I decided to contact you, as Peter Tondee was my 5th Great Grandfather. I knew we had a Rawls somewhere in my line, but did not know who or how they connected. The only Rawls I find in my records, which are very old but not complete, is a Sara Harriett Rawls who married James Hardy Pelham Humphries and their daughter Cathern Jarvey Humphries was my 3rd Great Grandmother. Is this any relation to your Rawls? I have a kazillion surnames in these lines, including the Basingers ( William Starr Bassinger was my 1st cousin 5x removed, also the surnames of Gaddy, Womack, Spiers/Speers/Spears, Elon, Lawton and more. I also am a cousin (?6 or 7x removed) of Walter Garnett Bassinger Wright of Savannah.

    I did not know about the reunion you had last year, but I would love to come if you have another. Hope to hear from you.
    Linda Snow Davis

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    • Ruth Rawls Says:

      Hello Linda Snow Davis, and welcome to the blog! I’ll send an email. I’m not related to any Rawls people in your line because my Rawls people apparently sprang onto the earth fully formed about 1800 and had no parents or other relatives. 😀


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