Another Treehouse

Sugar decided to make another cat perch for the cats that live in the woods next to where I work. 

I’ve been approached two times in the past week by interested people who have seen the cats hanging around in the morning waiting to be fed. No one had a problem with it, and they were surprised that I had trapped them for spaying and vaccinations. Apparently ordinary people don’t realize that other ordinary people can be agents for change. 

Like Sugar is an agent for change. 

He brought two different boards to choose from. 

Next he checked the brackets that he mounted directly onto the tree trunks. 

He screwed the bigger board to the brackets, and, quick as you please, he’s done. 

Little Miss Sassy Pants and her sister stayed well away. The sister is so far away that I couldn’t get a clear photo, even with the zoom lens. 

The platform is big enough for an ant deterrent system, which consists of a large shallow bowl of water with a smaller bowl of food set into it. The water creates a barrier that the ants can’t cross. 

We’ll see tomorrow if the system worked. 



8 Responses to “Another Treehouse”

  1. The Coastal Crone Says:

    Great idea! Thanks to Sugar!

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  2. Ruth Rawls Says:

    *Most Clever*


  3. Leo Lawton Says:

    Don’t bet the house rent that the ants won’t cross the water. I have a similar set up for a hummingbird feeder. If not kept fairly clean, sooner or later an ant will drown in it, and another, and another. Now there are enough ant bodies in the water for the newcomers to use as a footbridge.


  4. Emily Says:

    Good for Sugar!


  5. Deborah Johnson Says:

    Hi, Ruth, first let me say I still read — and enjoy — your blog, even when it isn’t about ancestors! Second, I’m not sure I have your current email address. So I’m hoping that if I don’t, I can reach you this way, and that you might have an idea about something I’ve been chewing over. I reread Adeline R. Starr’s will, in which she leaves two “photographic portraits” to her sister, Jane Starr Basinger. These are photos of my 2xGG William Starr and his brother, John Gibson Starr. I know the chances are slim to none, but could these photos/portraits be among the treasures of the “Gold Mine in the Closet”? I have to ask. Hope.
    Thanks, Deb Johnson from Alabama, Sugar’s 4th couisin.

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