Catch and Release, Feline Style

There’s a sketchy neighborhood near where I work. 

I’ve seen several cats there, and one is a calico, and a calico is generally a female. Another is an orange and white, and I’d like to think that he is a male. 

I started putting out food, and one started waiting for me in the morning. 

Sugar and I hatched a plan. I would trap, and he would drop off at the clinic and pick up after surgery. 

We trapped 2 on two consecutive days. 

The last one was released last week. 

And the others?

Why, they refuse to go in the trap. 



2 Responses to “Catch and Release, Feline Style”

  1. Rosalind Robert Says:

    Please change my e-mail address to Thought we had done that. RR


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