McCords in Mecklenburg County Deed Abstracts, 1763-1779

From “Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Deed Abstracts 1763-1779” by Brent H. Holcomb, C.A.L.S. and Elmer O. Parker.

McCord in Mecklenburg County Dee Abstracts0001


McCord in Mecklenburg County Dee Abstracts0002


From its formation in 1763 from Anson County, Mecklenburg included all North Carolina counties west of Anson and south of Rowan and all or portions of the present South Carolina counties of York, Chester, Lancaster, Spartanburg, Union, Cherokee, Kershaw, Laurens, Newberry and Greenville. The Indian line was surveyed in 1767, forming the western boundary of Mecklenburg County. Tryon County was formed in 1769, taking the territory west of the Catawba River. The North Carolina-South Carolina border was surveyed in 1772 cutting off present Lancaster and a portion of York County from Mecklenburg. These abstracts cover the entire period when Mecklenburg included such a large area,, and going on to 179–the first nine deed books. These were obviously compiled at a later time from smaller volumes. This explains the lack of chronological order by recording dates.

Originally, two volumes of abstracts of Mecklenburg deeds were planned. However, by the time the second volume was well under way, the first volume was out of print. The cost of soft cover offset printing has so closely approached that of hard binding that the present arrangement is more practical. In fairness to those who purchased Volume I, this volume is priced only slightly higher than Volume II would have been, and this provides the convenience of one index and binding instead of two With this volume, still another link in early Carolina frontier land titles is provided. With the use of Anson and Tryon deed abstracts, a thirty-year period of land transactions is now easily accessible.

My thanks to Mr. Elmer O. Parker for helping me with abstracts of Deed Books 5 and 6, and for providing the attractive maps in this edition.

Brent H. Holcomb, C.A.L.S.

Columbia South Carolina

May 29, 1978

McCord in Mecklenburg County Dee Abstracts0003

Pp. 199-202: 4 July 1766, Francs Beaty & wf Martha of Meck., “Dep. Collector &c,” to Robert McCord (lease s5, release (pound sterling) 45)…300 A on E side Cataba, both sides of Rolls Road, adj. David McCord’s, Killen’s, and Hugh Beaty’s…part of 640 A granted to Francis Beaty 21 Dec 1763..Francis Beatey (Seal), Martha Beatey (M) (Seal), Wit: David McCord, John Beatey.


Pp. 223-226: 4 & 5 July 1766, Francis Beatey & wf Martha of Meck., to David McCord…300 A on # side Catabaw River on the path leading from Mathew Pattons to the ford on the Tuckasegey including the Boyling Spring…on Killens line…part of 647 A granted to sd. Beatey 21 Dec 1763…Francis Beatey (Seal), Martha Beatey (M) (Seal), Wit: John Beatey, Robert McCord.

McCord in Mecklenburg County Dee Abstracts0004

Pp. 563-564: 4 Jan 1765, John Moore & wf Ann of Meck., to John Garvin for (pound sterling) 60, 580 A granted to sd. Moore 26 Mar 1755..on N side of a branch called by some Moores Creek…John Moore (Seal), Ann Moore (A) (Seal), Wit: William Dunlop, John Thomas, James McCord.


McCord in Mecklenburg County Dee Abstracts0005

McCiord,David 239

McCoord,Robert 240


Ann 173,181,191

David 8,9,173,178,181,191

James 63,87,89,91,145,193,209,24,234,246

James Jr. 163,224,226,234,241

James Sr. 163,226,241

John 83,124,125,144,239

Robert 8,9,75,181,191,194,224,233

Samuel Sr. 224

Sarah 341

Are David McCiord and Robert McCoord the same as David McCord and Robert McCord? Are James and John the same people that I have recently posted? And how are James, James Sr., and James Jr. linked together?

I clearly have more work to do…



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