Who was John McCord, Sr.?

I have a puzzle piece that doesn’t seem to fit into my puzzle.

McCord John 1809 (a)

Perhaps ten years ago, I requested a file for John McCord who lived in the Mecklenburg area of North Carolina. This was a record that was created after Mr. McCord died.

Here’s where things get twitchy. I know that my father’s McCords came from North Carolina. The oldest McCord I can find in his line is Nancy Caroline McCord who married James J. Hedge. I have seen conjecture that her father was William McCord, and there is a William McCord from North Carolina who lived nearby in Henry County, Tennessee. But I don’t have PROOF. No Bible record or will or old letter that says William and Nancy are father and daughter. Twitch #2: I’ve also seen that Nancy Caroline had a sister named Mary who married John Burgess, and it’s not unheard of for cousins to marry cousins. Again, no paper proof, but as a point of interest, Mary and John Burgess are also my father’s line, because Mary and John’s daughter Martha Demaris Burgess married John Newton Hedge, the son of Nancy Caroline and James Hedge. (Do you remember Charley Burgess, the son of Mary and John Burgess? He lost a leg at Shiloh.)

I suspected that the file I requested for John McCord might shed some light on this history mystery, or at least rule out some possibilities.

Guess what?!

It doesn’t mean a thing to me, but now I am sucked into a black hole looking at old records for these McCords.

Because not only do I have these limited paper files that I’ve been hanging onto for 10 years, I also find another *expanded* file for John McCord on ancestry.com. I’ll sort through the ancestry file in another post.

McCord John 1809 (b)

An Inventory of the estate of Jno. MCord Decd

4 Sheep skins 40/100. 1 hide 90/100

1 Grindstone $6.11.1 bee gum $2.12

1 Bee gum $1.55

1 pair steelyards $3.251 flax wheel

1 Loom and tacklings

1 flax wheel

6 90# Seed Cotton @ $3.26

1 Red hieffer $4.47. 1 best do $6.13

1 Cow & Calf $14.54. 1 Red steer $5.80

1 Red bull $5.85. 1 Black do $3.82

1 Brown mare $12

McCord John 1809 (c)

1 Yellow Colt $21.50

1 Dutch fan (ink smeared – $24?)

2 young bull calves $6.51

4 waggon $83.55

1 Sow & 7 pigs $4.55

1 Sow & 3 pigs $5.52

2d Choice of barrows $3.25

3d Choice of 2 sows $4.75

4th Choice $10.71

Past Choice of the hoggs $8.71

1 Note on David Kennedey $8.50

Total $271.53 1/2

M.McLeary & Wm. Flinn


McCord John 1809 (d)

Know all Men by these Presents that We Robert McCord & Richard Mason – are held & firmly Bound unto Jno W.K.Alexander Chairman of the County Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions for the County of Mecklenburg & State of North Carolina in the Penal Sum of Sixty — Pounds to be paid by us & to the Chairman or his survivors in office in trust for the Benefit of John McCord A Legatee of John McCord Decd  – Deceased – To be void on Condition that Robert McCord — who is Appointed Gaurdian for the said minor John McCord Shall well & faithfully discharge his duty as Gaurdian aforesaid in several Cases which by Law in Such case is Required to do —

Sealed & Deld

In presence of

(Line Cut off)

Robert MCord

Richd Mason

Twitch #3: Why is this document dated 1787 for Mary MCord included in this file? Plus it is cut off! We need the rest of it. And that is the last image in the file.

McCord John 1809 (e)

Mary MCord Wdw to John Decd Bought at (??)

Viz May 1st 1787

One Pewter Dish


One Bed & Furniture

A Wheel & some soap

A Chest & 1 small Trunk

To Carriage of Goods to Mrs Ritchies

To Use and Abuse of a Horse 14 Months


1786 April 10

To Charges paid Robert MCord for feeding a Horse

To two rides to Rowan for her Horse


Ap 26th

To Medicence pd. for to Dr. Henerson

To 2 yds of Callico at 10 ? p yd.

To sundries of Clothing paid for to Robt. MCord

To 1# of Coffee & 2# of sugar Bt. from Mr. Hodge

To 5? paid Samuel Davis for mending a Chest

To 1 pair of shoes

To 1 Years Boarding

And are any of these names in my family tree?

No. No, theyarenot.




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