The Formation of the Counties of North Carolina

I hadn’t planned on going, mentally, into North Carolina.

I lived there for about 23 years in the western part of the state. When I got really serious about researching my father’s side of the family, I had moved away.

It was probably just as well. There wasn’t time to go to research libraries, and the internet wasn’t a big thing yet. When I was able to go to research facilities, my life had changed, and I collected paper records. Now that I have downsized, I can eliminate the paper by posting thing electronically.

I have to start somewhere on my father’s line, and I might as well start here. Most of his lines come out of North Carolina. His side, like my mother’s, have been in this country before it was a country. I have gone back as far as I can go with the paper records, yet I haven’t fleshed out his line as completely as I have my mother’s. Life got in the way.

I’m not sure where I got the following pages. I think these came from the research library in Charlotte, North Carolina. At any rate, here they are. Maybe you can use them, too.

Formation of NC Counties0001Formation of NC Counties0002Formation of NC Counties0003Formation of NC Counties0004Formation of NC Counties0005



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