The Revolutionary War File of Peter Owen

Here’s another paper file that I’ve had for close to 20 years. It is 34 pages. Thirty-four! You’d think there would be something of genealogical value for me, but alas. There is not.

My father has an ancestor named Josiah Owen(s). Josiah had a brother named Staples, who is in no way affiliated with the store nor the Swingline company. They settled in the vicinity of Henry and Weakley counties in Tennessee.

They were from Virginia, and so when I found that this Peter Owen was from Virginia and settled in Henry County, Tennessee, I figure that there might be a relation. Nope. I got nuthin’. At least, if they are related, I don’t know where the connection is.

Almost 90 years ago, someone else was looking for a connection to Peter Owen. A Miss Nelle Kell (really, that’s her name) from Mt. Vernon, Illinois, wrote to the U.S. Commissioner of Pensions in Washington, D.C., looking for information on Peter Owen, John Kell, Joe Luke, and Robert Little.  Her letter, and the reply, is located here.

There are some random papers that seem out of order, and perhaps there are bits of the original file that are missing. I present the file to you in the order that I received it, all stapled (no relation) together.

Remember to trot on over to the to see transcriptions of this and other files.


Good-night, Peter Owen. We’re thinking of you.



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