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The Butter

January 1, 2017

Two cats showed in the woods behind Sugar’s house. 

They hovered around several times a day, lounging under the trees. Sugar set up a feeding station and some sleeping quarters in the woods. 

That wasn’t good enough for them. They climbed the chain link fence and started living in his backyard. They preferred to sun themselves on the roof of his shed. He moved the feeding station to supply their needs. 

One day, Butterscotch (y’all knew that Sugar was going to name them) decided that he wanted to live on Sugar’s front porch. Sugar’s cat Errol the Pirate was not having an intruder,  because he was already mad enough about The Butter property-squatting in the backyard, and he decided to try to kill The Butter.  

You can guess where The Butter lives now…

At the Swamped! Plantation and Cat-Collecting Facility.