Emilie Guerard Lengnick, 1943-1966

Remember Martha Mann that married Thomas Bateson, and one of their daughters, Georgia, married a Lengnick?

We’ve been in contact with a direct descendent, and she mentioned that there was an honorary gazebo for Emilie Lengnick at St. Helena’s Episcopal Church graveyard. I said that I didn’t think so because I hadn’t seen one there. 

Then I remembered that there’s a graveyard annex across the street, so nothing else would do except that I go check it out.  Maybe it is there. 

How amazing is this to be able to just get in the car and pop right over to have a look? The person that told me about the memorial lives in Texas. That is forever away. So until they can come visit, we have photos and the internet to thank. 


3 Responses to “Emilie Guerard Lengnick, 1943-1966”

  1. Liz Dunster Says:

    Ruth – if the Bateson descendants are ever able to make it down, please keep me in the loop – would so love to meet them too.


  2. Emily Garrard Says:

    How interesting, what a find!

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