Silhouettes and Such

When I was growing up, every summer there was an Arts and Crafts Festival.  You wouldn’t believe all the creative people showing their wares. It was a welcome breath of artsy-craftsy-ness. 

The festival still takes place, but this little memory is about one specific time. 

One year, there was a little man sitting in a chair, maybe like a director’s chair, cutting silhouettes. He wore dark framed glasses and a black beret, and he cut a silhouette as quick as you please. He started with a black piece of paper that looked like construction paper and a little pair of manicure scissors. He seemed to love what he did. He talked to each child, and delighted in the conversation. 


Sugar was doing a little bit of research a few years ago and found that he was related to a famous silhouette artist, Carew Rice. He was telling me about what he had found online, and that Carew would go to local festivals and cut silhouettes. 

I said, “Wait a minute. Did he wear a beret?”


Carey’s grandson cuts silhouettes now. He was at a bookstore in Charleston when Sugar’s little grandchildren were here for a visit. 

Plus he writes books. And just happened to have some for sale. 

Another silhouette memory was made. 

One Response to “Silhouettes and Such”

  1. b0gfr0g Says:

    I never met Carew, but as I recall he vacationed on Crystal Beach, the Savannah enclave in Bluffton. My sister, Nan, had a set of eight drinking glasses with four delightful rural scenes screen-printed on them. Stuff like the women with bundles on their heads smoking pipes, kids with fishing poles, mule-drawn wagons,…

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