On the Trail of William Rawls: Looking for a Neck of Scotch

William Rawls was stationed at Scotch Neck early in the Revolutionary War.

Sugar and I are having heated conversations about Scotch vs. Scott’s. I have found when I turn up the volume, he can hear me better. Or perhaps he just chooses to back away from a fight in which he has no dog.

Sugar: “I don’t know why you insist on calling it “Scotch Neck”. It’s clearly Scott’s Neck on the map.”

YoursTruly: (applying volume) “It’s reported in William Rawls’s pension file as Scotch Neck, and also in an early book. And until you can prove conclusively otherwise, I will call it Scotch Neck. You know what, I will just not call it anything. I will stop talking about it.”

Sugar: (silence)

Sugar: “Ok, you can call it what you want.”

I’m wondering if there is a way to overlap a modern map over a historic map, so I asked the Internet. One friend recommended watching a YouTube, and I discovered that it’s the other way around. It’s a google earth thingy with a historical map overlay. I actually haven’t tried it yet.

To his credit, Sugar found a reference to William Rawls and his brother Cotten in Hugh McColl’s “History of Georgia”. They gave aid and comfort to the wounded on an island in the swamp near Coosawhatchie.

And now, a few images…

Map overlays? My laptop might explode.

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2 Responses to “On the Trail of William Rawls: Looking for a Neck of Scotch”

  1. Michael J Karpovage Says:

    Hi Ruth, I’d be glad to do the map overlays. I’ve done them before and it’s actually quite fun. You can do them in Photoshop with various layers and opacity settings to line up waypoints. I’m a professional cartographer – and the illustrator/publisher of the Bonaventure Cemetery Illustrated Map.

    I’d love to return the favor and help you out as a thank you for all the hard work and research you’ve done on Corinne Lawton’s true story. I recently wrote an article that Savannah.com picked up, on Corinne. http://www.savannah.com/bonaventure-burial-corinne-elliott-lawton/ In my second edition printing of the Bonaventure map, I’ll also be featuring this story.

    Send me a message or visit my website at http://www.KarpovageCreative.com. Send me any old map files you have, tell me what you’re looking to accomplish with Scotch/Scott’s Neck, and I’ll make a graphic or two for you to share on your blog.


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