About a Bible

A while back, maybe about 14 years ago, I bought an old Rainbow Bible at a booth at a little antique shop in a little town.


I was a Rainbow girl once, a state officer even. That too was a long time ago. I have a Rainbow Bible somewhere. I couldn’t leave this little old Bible behind. It seemed wrong somehow.

Last year, while moving things about, I found the Bible again, and did a little online research. I located, through ancestry.com, the original owner of the Bible. Then I asked the living repository, because the owner of the Bible lived in the same little village that Sugar grew up in.

Sugar knew of this family. The Bible’s original owner’s children were about his age.

I found one of the grown children on Facebook and sent a message over a year ago. She didn’t receive the message until recently.

I offered to mail the Bible to her for the price of postage. She offered and sent money to my paypal account, enough for postage, the purchase of the Bible from the antique shop, and a bit left over.

I had told her where she could find a “Donate” button on the blog. She had not only found it, she read a bit of the blog, and thought perhaps that we had met. Of course, we hadn’t, and haven’t yet.

And that the way it is when you write things and put them out into the big world. People think they know you. They feel a connection.
I suppose the moral of the story: always buy the Bible. But the bigger moral?

Never get rid of the Bible. It might not find its way back to the family. Incidentally, the woman I contacted, the daughter of the original owner, was NOT the one who gave the Bible away.

Sometimes life is a circle.

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