The Pension File of Daniel Carter Webb

Daniel Carter Webb was married twice. His first wife was Rhoda Webb who died March 13, 1911. Daniel then married the widow of W.P. White, one Phoebe Ann White.

Daniel enrolled on the 26th day of July, 1864, in Company C, 3rd Regiment, Tennessee Mounted Infantry as a Private. He applied for an invalid pension on August 15, 1890. The act of June 27, 1890, provided for the application of invalid soldiers. He was another broken man from the war, suffering from “phthisic, side pleurisy, and disease of respiratory organs.”

As a side note, I’ve been without DSL for about 2 weeks. Don’t ask how this horrible situation happened. Last night I was able to get the new system hooked up and running, and I find that I can’t scan to a PDF any more unless I pay a yearly fee for PDF services. Y’all, I’ll just have to muddle along without it. Stay tuned.

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