The Service Record of Lynch Webb

Recently I received a message from a gentleman whose wife is a descendant of Francis Marion Webb.

F. M. Webb is a brother to my Dr. Lynch Delisha Webb. They were two of the sons of Lynch Webb, a Union soldier in Company B, 2nd Tennessee Cavalry. This reminded me that I have some service and pension records for Lynch Sr. and son F. M. Webb.

This further reminded me that Lynch Sr. served for a short amount of time, and after that, his son F. M. Webb served in his place and answered to his name at roll call.

I realized that I have never placed those military records on the blog. My old scanner wouldn’t accommodate an 8 1/2 x 14″ sheet of paper because the flatbed was slightly longer than 11 inches. My newish scanner has a document feeder, which hasn’t been fully utilized because the netbook stopped working over a year ago, so what good was the scanner without a laptop or netbook? And because I have been financially embarrassed for a while and couldn’t afford a new laptop/netbook, I did without the netbook and learned to use the iphone for blogging. That’s right; I’ve been blogging for over a year using only the iphone.

Then I purchased a used, identical netbook, because I like the little Gateway LT4004u so much that I decided to stick with a good thing. The hard drive melted. I figured out how to scavenge parts of the newer netbook to get the old netbook up and running. So yay me.

Just tonight I realized that I should find all those pension records, scan them using the document feeder (because the records are all on 14″ long paper and won’t fit on the flatbed), and stick them out here on the internet.

Click on the link below, y’all.

You’re welcome!

WebbLynch Service Record


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