Cool Beans: Erythrina Herbacea, the Coral Bean

A few weeks ago, when Sugar and I were at the Black Swamp Baptist graveyard, we noticed a weedy plant between the markers of George Mosse Lawton and his grandfather Joseph Lawton. It had bean-like pods, very tough and leathery and purple. 

When we returned yesterday, the pods were burst open. 

Clever reader Matt identified the plant as Erythrina herbacea. 

It’s poison, people! Poison! Well, most of it. I’m not going to advise which parts are poison and which aren’t. Don’t want to be held liable and all that. 

Interesting plant, no? Can poison people, other mammals, birds, and fish. 

A lone dragonfly kept lighting on a dead stalk, flying away, then returning. Was he on a suicide mission?


The beans were so beautiful! 

But these beans? 

Are not good for your heart. 




3 Responses to “Cool Beans: Erythrina Herbacea, the Coral Bean”

  1. Susanne Says:

    The prettiest things are often poison, eh? Our roadsides have been invaded by something called a “wild parsnip” which burns your skin on contact! Consequently, it’s darn hard to get rid of.

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