The Clue by the Grave

Sugar and I are at the grave of Christopher Henry Bateson in Laurel Grove in Savannah, when I notice something in the newly-turned dirt, about 4 inches away from the newly-placed marker. 

I wondered what it was. Sugar thought it was a piece of plastic. 

It wasn’t plastic at all. It was a shard from a piece of china. I took it home. 

I have some scenarios in my head about how a chip of china ended up approximately at the location of the head of a grave. Someone near and dear to Christopher brought a plant in a small pot and used a saucer for the base. His mother? A girl friend? In some old cemeteries, like Old Gray in Knoxville, families went on picnic outings because of the lovely, park-like settings. Did Christopher’s family escape from the congested city to have a picnic dinner in the cemetery?

Perhaps it is because the cemetery workers used this once-empty lot to pile up refuse and debris for later removal. 


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4 Responses to “The Clue by the Grave”

  1. GP Cox Says:

    I would prefer to think it was relative, not cemetery workers being disgracefully sloppy.

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  2. pastsmith Says:

    The marker looks reasonably new — how long has it been there? Certainly not since 1870. If it was placed in the past years, I wonder if there was any sort of ceremony when it was placed? Just reaching waaay out on my thoughts….


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