The Augustus Barie Tenant House

Sugar and I are in Savannah on a day trip to reconnoiter for the upcoming family reunion, and to fulfill my agenda. 

I’m researching Isabella Graham, and I found a city directory that has her living at 321 Liberty Street, east, in 1898. 

I believe that she was employed by Augustus Barie. 

Why do I think that she works for Augustus and not Claud? 

Because Augustus resides there, and Claud merely boards there. 

Now, there’s the issue of the Augustus Barie Tenant House. I don’t know what this means? Is this an apartment building he built directly next door attached to his house? It doesn’t look like slum housing. Was he a philanthropist? People, I don’t have all the answers. 


Now, I’m off to find out what this tenant house is. 


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