The McKenzie Tract, Surveyed July 1893

Reader Caren McKenzie shares this plat from 1893. 

She also provides this information:

I am specifically interested in John R Bostick (1787-1852) son of Richard Bostick.

John married Elizabeth McKenzie (my relative), but the 1850 census seems to show his wife to be Rebecca.

I wonder if Elizabeth had died.

My relatives are buried in the Bostick Cemetery and I am thinking Elizabeth is the Bostick connection.

Does anyone know anything about these folks? Or how to find out where this bit of land might be?

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One Response to “The McKenzie Tract, Surveyed July 1893”

  1. Aquila Says:

    Since the county and state and name on property owner are on the plat, I’d suggest trying the county deed records first. It also looks like there are names of neighbors plus the date of the plat. You could look online as well, there might be something on or or others of the genealogy sites. A survey is done to confirm the boundaries of a tract, sometimes done before the sale of the land, or just after and sometimes before subdividing it for inheritence plus other reasons. Best of luck!

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