Adam Allston of the 33rd Regiment of the U. S. C. Infantry

I get caught up in other people’s stories. Thank you, Internet, for enabling me in my addiction.

A nice lady asked a general question of how to request a pension file on a Facebook post. She got good basic info: contact the NARA; or go to the NARA in Washington, DC, and take a flatbed scanner.

This is never enough for me. She had names and regiment numbers. I went to and poked around a little.

There’s Adam Allston in the index! And another bit of paper with details about him: he’s 5’4″, 50 years old, and has black hair, eyes, and skin, plus he was born in Georgetown, South Carolina.

Because I cannot stop poking a stick down a rabbit hole in hopes that I might flush out another rabbit, I manually looked at all the images for any Allston people in this particular collection of the United States Colored Troops, and I find this fellow:

He’s Nathaniel Allston, also known as Nathaniel Austin. Do you see what regiment he’s in? That’s right, the 128th. The same as Nelson Brown and Moses Graham. I’ve also learned that there is a book available which lists the entire regiment.

Seriously? I might have to sell a cat or two.


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