The Pension File: Waiting on Moses and Isabella

I last posted about the pension file of Nelson Brown. If you will scroll all the way to the bottom of that post, there is a link. When you click on that link, you should be transported to a pdf about Nelson and his wife Bella. 

Sugar, not to be outdone in the former-slave-and-USCT category, produced his Uncle Edward’s book “A Saga of the South”. 

His Uncle Edward quotes a paper by Inabinett. Sugar actually has this paper that he obtained from the Caroliniana Library. We don’t have permission to reproduce any of that paper here, which is a good thing because he has misfiled the paper, which is a nice way of saying it is somewhere in his wannabe filing system. 

The page above states that “Daddy Jack” is a former slave of Alexander James Lawton, and Daddy Jack Taylor was a preacher who performed the marriage service for Isabella, a slave of Alexander James Lawton, and Moses Graham, a slave on a neighboring plantation. 

Alexander James Lawton also assisted in a federal pension application for Isabella. Moses was killed in the service. 

The regiment he served in? The 128th. The same as Nelson Brown. 

And as a bonus…

The Freedmen’s Bank Records. 

A close-up for the account of Amelia Graham follows. 

I’ll be back in 42-120 days with the pension record. 


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