George Mosse and Barthlomew Mosse of Dublin: Where’s the Link?

(I have to prattle on a bit first. I wrote this post a week ago, and when I pushed “Post”, the Internet melted, and there was an error! No post! It is sad when your own wireless network rejects you, which is nothing that a grilled cheese made with an English muffin won’t fix. In other news, I call Sugar my English muffin sometimes, which sounds both endearing, yet naughty somehow. Onward the the Mosses.)

The newspaper article about George Mosse calls him a kinsman of Bartholomew Mosse. But how? I poked around a bit on ancestry, but found nothing conclusive. 

Dr. Bart was a social leader advocating for better medical care for women and their particular medical needs. 

At. His. Own. Expense. 

His only daughter was Jane. 


Dr. Bart was the son of Thomas Mosse. 


He was the founder of the Dublin Lying-In Hospital. 

 By his wife Jane he left two children. The only daughter is named Jane also. Who is the son? Is it our George Mosse?!

I’ll be needing some Irish Stew. 


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One Response to “George Mosse and Barthlomew Mosse of Dublin: Where’s the Link?”

  1. Libby Says:

    There is no stopping you, sister/cousin!!

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