George Mosse and the First Baptist Church in Savannah

In Savannah Dr. Mosse organized the Savannah Medical College and was a charter member of the Georgia Medical Society. In 1795 he became the first deacon of Savannah’s First Baptist Church which he helped establish. But he complained that he “made no dollars in Savannah” whereas he had “made pounds (sterling) on St. Helena’s and Hilton Head.”

Yesterday I posted about our day trip to St. Helena to see Mosse Road, most probably for Dr. George Mosse. 

Sugar found some papers at the Georgia Historical Society about George Mosse’s transition from the First Baptist Church before he moved to Robertville. I’ll have to wrest those papers out of his grip before I can post them here, then I’ll need to edit them by adding a watermark “Courtesy of Georgia Historical Society”. Until then…

We strolled over to the First Baptist Church in anticipation of the family reunion in June. I had talked by phone with a nice  lady at the FBC back in February who confirmed that George Mosse’s name was in the church history. 

Hey! Where’s the mention of our George Mosse?!

I’ve got to go to Sugar’s house and get those papers!

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