A Great Blue Heron

There’s a stretch of road that I travel frequently. It runs parallel to a railroad track. The land is low and swampy in some places, and I’m guessing that the roadway and the base ground for the tracks were partially, if not wholly, created by large machinery digging ditches and using that earth for the base. At any rate, each side of the road has substantial ditches. 

I’m seen a Great Blue fishing along these ditches. There’s always standing water, and I suppose backwash from the swamp helps create a breeding ground for little creatures that a heron would want to eat. I’m always amused that this great, shy bird is hanging out fishing and wading in ditchwater. It doesn’t seem grand or fitting for him. 

On this particular day, Sugar was driving and I was daydreaming. We crossed on the little concrete bridge that goes over Bahama Swamp when he saw it. 

So he pulled a you-turn once and then again to go full circle so I could take some photos with my iPhone. At one point, the heron flew off, but only for a short distance. We could see what we believe to be white egrets in the background. 

And there’s your Sunday heron!



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