Martha Mann Bateson, Born in Eltville, Germany

Oh, Martha Mann. I love her story. Perhaps you remember a bit of it. 

She first shows up in this country as a child in the 1850 census with her parents Daniel and Agnes in Beaufort, South Carolina.  Incidentally, there is also a man named Joseph Mann living nearby. Related? Possibly. At this point, I don’t know. 

*I don’t know.* I find myself saying that so much. Because how can I know everything about the world? I’m afraid I’m going to run out of time before I get all my answers. At any rate…

 Later census records show this family reporting that they are from Baden. 

Do you know anything about Baden, Germany? I don’t either, and I poked at the Internet to see if I could figure out more. Oh, Germany, you are complicated. 

Plus there’s that thing about not speaking or understanding German. My German experience is completely derived from “Hogan’s Heroes”. 


Earlier this year, Sugar’s cousin Walter wrote a nice email to a woman in the Savannah Chapter of the UDC. Just a friendly little email to say hello and to inquire if there are resources to learn more about Martha’s husband Thomas and his brother Christopher Bateson. The replies he got were astounding, for the nice UDC lady found military records using Fold3 online, and since the graves were not marked, she knew the process of obtaining military markers. 

And she proceeded to initiate that process. 

After the markers are placed, she will arrange a ceremony. Which has to do exactly what with Martha Mann Bateson?

It turns out that the location of each grave is known. And it’s in a gigantic database. 


Sugar and I are headed to the Georgia Historical Society. Laurel Grove Cemetery is on the way. From our approach, we can see way across the graveyard that the markers have not been installed. Sugar, the best spotter ever, sees that the office is open, so he pulls into the lot.  We chat with a nice man in the office who is the cemetery conservator, and he produces a printed copy of the occupants of Lot 322. 

I have so many requests now for this poor man. The Spears plot, the Ebbs plot, the Tilton plot. Sugar, patiently impatient, thinks I’m being needy, and I resolve to get the answers another day. 

In the meantime, we have learned that lot 322 is a 12-space plot. The numbering of the individual spaces starts at the rear left corner with number one, and works its way across to end with number four. The next row moving forward is 5-8, then the last row is 9-12. The last row is what I might call the front row, because it’s the nearest one facing the aisle.

Mr. Conservator Man drew a little chart on a sticky note. 

The printout he gave us has the locations for who is buried where. 

Are you ready for this? It also has the nativity if known. 

I suppose my eyes grew very wide when I spotted that Martha Mann Bateson was born in Ettville, Germany. 

I asked the big internet where Ettville was. It asked me back, “Are you talking about Eltville?” I suppose I am. 

I also found some documents on which most probably relate to Martha’s father Daniel. But they are, of course, in German, and my German-speaking friends tell me that this is a household enumeration, plus a travel pass for one Joseph Mann, a butcher, to practice his trade in the area. 

Sometimes, some of our answers are right there, if we only knew where to look. 


2 Responses to “Martha Mann Bateson, Born in Eltville, Germany”

  1. Judith Says:

    Wonderful find! I keep wanting to research Shubert’s German ancestry and can’t seem to get to it! I love the way you write, by the way.

    Liked by 1 person

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