Little Lawton Garrard, 1892-1899

Lawton was the 4th child born to Mary Robert Lawton Garrard and William Garrard, and the second to die in childhood. The first child, Bessie, died at 1 year when her mother was about 6 months pregnant with the 2nd child William. William lived to adulthood and married and had children.

Lawton did not.


FUNERAL INVITATIONS. GARRARD. – The relatives and friends of Mr. and Mrs. William Garrard are invited to attend the funeral of their son, Lawton, at 11 o’clock this morning from their residence, 202 Gwinnett street, east. (Newspaper article courtesy of Emily Garrard from the Savannah Morning News, April 21, 1899.)


Image courtesy of Emily Garrard.

He was 6 years and 6 months old when he died of dysentery. He left behind his parents, and his siblings, William Jr., Gulielma, Emily, and Cecelia.

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