Back to 135 Perry Street

Sugar and I had a simple errand involving a cat. 

Poor Gerald had a squinty eye condition that was causing his third eye lids to cover almost two-thirds of his eyes to protect them. The veterinarian called in a prescription of neo/poly/bac drops, which was called in to the local pharmacy in our little town. 

When we went to pick it up, I asked to see the med before Sugar paid for it. It was wrong. They had substituted an eyedrop with a steroid, and if his cornea had an ulcer or a scratch, the steroid would cause his cornea to melt. 

That’s right. MELT. 

After much discussion and determination that the pharmacy did not carry this simple drug, I sent a text to the vet (it’s handy to have a vet friend). She called in another med to a pharmacy in Savannah. We had planned on going on a cemetery errand the next day anyway. 


As luck would have it, Savannah was crowded, and Sugar muttered a bit while looking for a parking place. He finally found one in front of Corinne Elliott Lawton’s house where she died in 1877. 


Good-night, Corinne. We’re thinking of you. 


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