Off to Bostick Cemetery 

We were at Bostick Cemetery earlier this year. Sugar saw a stone he wanted me to photograph but didn’t want me to do it then because he knows I photograph everything close by. It’s like he’s got his own version of a shot clock, and I keep running over. 

So we’re back again, in that no-woman’s-land between Christmas and New Year’s. He’s interested in Seaborn Jones, Jr. His great-grandfather William Seabrook Lawton married Elizabeth Jones, the daughter of Seaborn Jones, but they are all buried in Laurel Grove in Savannah. He thinks the Seaborn Jones, Jr., in Bostick might be another child, a sibling to Sugar’s Elizabeth Jones Lawton. 

I don’t see Seaborn Jones, Jr. At all. 

Hardly matters. The day is young. The air is fresh. The battery is charged. 

Here’s Pierre Robert. Not the Huguenot minister, but no doubt a descendant. He wrote a paper than I published here already. Here somewhere. I could go search for the link and add it here, but you can easily search the blog for Pierre Robert. 

This is too reflective to be easily read, and you folks know I like for things to be easy, so I try another shot from an angle. 
Here’s little Pierre, a child of Carrie and Pierre Robert.  

Here’s Caroline Lines Robert, who must be Carrie.   

Henry De Saussure Jones, infant son


Benjamin Bostick Jones


Mary Jones Colcock


Southwood Jones


Agnes Bostick Jones


Luther Bostick Jones

And that’s Bostick for today. My shot clock has run out of time.  


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4 Responses to “Off to Bostick Cemetery ”

  1. Jan Wilberg Says:

    Love these photos – impressive with that shot clock running. 🙂

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  2. Julia J. Williams Says:

    This is my paternal ancestors’ family cemetery. My name is Julia Bostick Jones Williams; I live in Savannah. My late father is Benjamin Bostick Jones, III. I’ve been to Bostick Cemetery many times.

    Liked by 1 person

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