FlowerFest 2015: the Robert Cemetery 

We ran out of time. 

Sugar planned a FlowerFest involving the placing of poinsettias at multiple plots in multiple cemeteries. The plan was to swoop in on the first good delivery of poinsettias and to snag about 9 or 10. We started on Sunday, December 6, 2015. 

And ran out of daylight. He had added two more cemeteries in another STATE from where we usually visit. But don’t get excited. We live in a border county, so it’s actually easier than it sounds. 

We start out again on Wednesday, December 9, 2015. The plan is to go to the Robert Cemetery, then to see Richard and his dogs, then to the Robertville Baptist Graveyard. 

The Robert Cemetery near Stafford’s Crossroads

Sugar pointed out a spot that appears to be the remains of a gate support. 

Here’s John Robert, the brother of Sarah Robert who married Joseph Lawton.  


John Robert on our right, & his wife Elizabeth Dixon Robert on our left


Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Dixon

At one time, this plot where John and Elizabeth lie was fenced in. Part of that fence is missing. 



On the way out, we stop to look back at the entry. 

Goodbye, Robert Cemetery, we’ll see you next year. 

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