Thinking About the Family Jewels

Sugar has some family jewels. 

No, seriously, they are real treasures. 

He showed them to me. 

(People, really, y’all need to get out more.)

He has some silver pieces, and by some I mean a box full. The first we looked at is a pair of candlesticks that Sarah Alexander Cunningham gave him in the 1970s. I tried to photograph the hallmarks back in the spring with a digital camera, but the focus was off. 

This time I tried it with my iPhone. You’ll see some weird green shapes reflected in the silver. 


There’s a little horsie, with wings perhaps, and the letter “M” on her shoulder. 

There’s also “lnd 15” inscribed. 

I found a website with loads of info about identifying hallmarks. I checked the English hallmarks because this was a Lawton piece and they were English. 

Nope, nothing. 

I worked my way through all the hallmarks, looking more closely at the letter M. 

It’s Mauser, an American company, that was absorbed by another company in 1903. 

Then I searched for the actual candlesticks online to see if I could find their worth. 

 From the website 1stdibs:  
$1500 asking price. 

Now, how did Sarah Alexander Cunningham acquire them, and why did she give them to Sugar?


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