A Headwarmer for Smaller Heads

Some of us have smaller heads because we are economical and pack a lot of brain power into smaller packages. 

Some of us are freaks. 

Whatever your pleasure, here’s the same Headwarmer in a slightly smaller size. Follow the same directions as yesterday, just cast on 92 stitches instead of 100. 


I used Lion Brand’s “Amazing” yarn in color way 825-217 Olive Medley. It is probably discontinued which is why it was on sale at Michael’s. If you try to find it on the Internet, and end up at my Etsy shop “Catcatcher Corner”, don’t attempt to buy it. It has been appropriated in a parallel universe by a me who did not update the shop listing. 

Using a size 5 circular 16″ needles, cast on 92. 

Join, being careful not to twist. 

K2P2 9 rows, using a twisted knit stitch on the knit stitches for extra stretch. 

P 7 rows, K 7 rows twice. Purl 7 rows. 

K2P2 9 rows, using twisted knit stitch for the knit stitches to build in extra stretch. 

Cast off. Perfect for a ponytail.

It’s hard to get a proper selfie of the back of your head. You there, in the back, STOP LAUGHING. 




Aha! A neckwarmer! The ribbing tucks neatly inside.

I took these photos in front of Sugar’s holly bushes. He said not to show the next photo because it was scary. 

So here it is. I wore it like this one cold morning, and the corrugated design carried my warm breath all the way around to my ears.  I know!  I’m impressed, too. 


If you knitted more units of P7rows/K7rows, you’d have more length to tidily cover your neck. 

I *know*! I thought so, too!

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