On to Honey Horn

Sugar had considered for a long time how to round out our BatesonFest with his Canadian cousins. 

A trip to Honey Horn Plantation was his answer. It’s not only that it’s the location of the Coastal Discovery Museum, it’s also the former home of his childhood friend Fred. 

The drive winds through the trees to get to the house. We pause outside the house to check out some of the storyboards. 


There are excellent trees on the grounds.  It is thought that the name Honey Horn is a derivation of the name of an early owner, Mr. Hanahan. 
Once inside, there are so many things to see and absorb yourself in. Displays, dioramas, books and gifts and souvenirs, art exhibits, an entire room geared for kids, and storyboards about the history of the people, the plantation, and the island are just waiting for you. 


You can enlarge any photo by clicking on it.






Sugar pointed how the interior had changed. The rooms had been opened up to make the floor plan flow into an airy space. The ceilings have not been lowered. Twelve feet? Fourteen? I don’t know, but tall ceilings aided in cooling a house in this climate. 

We head into an area where the art exhibitions are… 


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  1. Luanne @ TFK Says:

    I wish hubby shared my interest in genealogy!

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