At Honey Horn: the Art of Stanley Meltzoff

I don’t know of him. Perhaps you do. 

His works were featured in a temporary exhibit. 

His underwater works have an ethereal quality (that being a good thing and not meaning spacey). Yet why didn’t I photograph any? Perhaps I was too entranced by the real thing. 

There were other objects of interest in the room. Like this chair once belonging to John Holmes, a Gullah fisherman who died in 1972 at the age of 86. 

 We toured a bit longer into the room that displayed local artists’ works. And I couldn’t resist taking one more photo of a storyboard about freedom. 

There are walking trails and a butterfly house, even though it’s too late in the season for butterflies. 

It’s probably mid-afternoon by now, and we walk down to an observation deck into the marsh that overlooks Jarvis Creek. 

Do you see the Bateson cousins?


The talk turns to the time and the tide, the calls of the birds, the smell of the marsh…

Along the walkway to the butterfly house, there’s a memorial section. There’s Sugar’s friend Fred’s parents. 

It caused us to pause in moments of silence while we read their tributes. 

We finished our day here at the butterfly enclosure. All I can say about that is this: now I want a butterfly enclosure…

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