More Batesons, More Bluffton

We’re at the Church of the Cross. We were here once before, a few years back, and Sugar was shocked to see that there were *tourists* touring his church. (I see what you’re thinking. If it’s his church, why doesn’t he know about the tours.) To be fair, he hasn’t lived there for years, and how things can change in the blink of an eye. Or forty or fifty years.

Here’s a fun little insert: an old postcard of Calhoun Street looking north from Sugar’s Gold Mine in the Closet. It looks as if this photo was taken almost directly in front of the church with the photographer’s back to the rivuh. This strikes me as strange because this doesn’t look like a particularly photogenic view when you compare it to the river and the church. Yet I’ve never seen another postcard of this vintage of the church. The white two-story house on the left at one point was a bed-and-breakfast, but now according to the docent at the church is a church property.

scan0009 (4)

Sugar told us some far-fetched story about bees that build their hives in the church walls, and the church recovers the honey and patches up the wall. Totally preposterous. Except true.

Someday I am going to learn to believe him.


Holy Honey

The table in the foyer had memorabilia. In fact, an entire notebook of photos and newspaper clippings and research materials. I looked around for a corner that I could curl up in and look at the notebook, but, finding none, I had to satisfy myself with a few photos.

The santuary part of the church is much larger inside than I’d imagined.

In an amazing reversal in my through-the-window technique, keep in mind that finally I am inside a church taking a photo through the window, not the other way around. If I went to this church, I wouldn’t be sitting in a pew and listening to the service, I’d be chillin’ by the window.

Yes, we are still inside the church. These windows are magnificent.


On the way out, we stopped to chat with one of the docents. She and Sugar reminisced about the old town and how things had changed.

Then we headed outside and over to the rivuh…



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8 Responses to “More Batesons, More Bluffton”

  1. Susanne Says:

    Ruth, where is Bluffton in relation to Hilton Head, SC and Savannah? The reason I ask, is this church looks remarkably like one my husband and I stopped at on a vacation in S. Carolina/Georgia many moons ago. I believe we even have pictures somewhere… The style is so unique and the vertical wood (is it cypress wood?) is unlike anything we’ve seen in Canada. Lucky you to see it in the cool of November. We were there in August. Hot. OMG. Hot. And wet/humid. My glasses fogged up going from outside to air conditioning inside.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Luanne @ TFK Says:

    I love old churches, and I can tell this one is special.

    Liked by 1 person

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