The CamScanner

I love my iPhone. 

I miss the full-size keyboard of the laptop, but love it I do. 

I now love it even more. 

I heard of an app that works as a scanner, which sounds too good to be true. I chose the CamScanner. 

It works like a camera, but it also has an OCR feature that recognizes text. Taking a photo of a document and it’s lopsided? The CamScanner corrects it by magically shifting and stretching the image to the correct size, like an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. Take a photo of a page in a book, convert it to text, copy and paste, and maybe Google will read it to you. 

I can generate an image into a PDF. I can upload an image to my iPhone photo album or to FaceBook or Twitter. I can add notes, or watermarks, or line drawings. I can do any number of things that I have not yet attempted. 

So I can snap a quick photo, edit it, add a watermark, transfer it to an album, and upload it in my Etsy shop. 

CamScanner? It’s *FREE*.



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